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Dog and Cat Owners Tips and Resources

Pet Health: What to do when your cat or dog has a cold

Pet health is important and it becomes hard for pet parents when their fur babies get a cold. If your pet seems lethargic, doesn’t eat or drink, or shows signs of dehydration, take them to the veterinarian immediately. Most common colds in pets are easily treatable at...

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What to do when your pets aren’t getting along

So, you brought home a new cat or dog, and to your surprise, they just aren’t compatible with your current cat or dog. Or maybe suddenly your current pets are no longer getting along. This is a common frustration for a lot of pet owners, but there are things you can...

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Cats – diets, what and what not to feed your cat

A healthy diet for your Cat Obesity and diabetes are two conditions that don’t just affect humans. They are becoming more and more common among cats too, especially kitties who don’t get enough nutrition. The clichéd diet for a cat is pretty simple – cat food from a...

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Obedience Training Tips for Dogs – Potty Training 101!

Training your dog to be obedient There’s nothing more rewarding than having a pet dog who does what you say. It’s a proud feeling being able to show your friends that your dog sits when you tell it to or that it stops barking when you gesture a certain command. Dogs...

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Excessive barking – what does it all mean?

Barking is one of the characteristics that define our pet dogs. We associate barking with many moods and feelings. For dog lovers, it can be easy to tell if your dog’s bark is a happy bark, a sad bark, an excited bark, or an angry bark. However, when there is no...

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Teaching your cat to use the litter tray

One of the biggest fears potential cat owners have before they become a pet parent is animal soiling. We all know friends or family who have had their new sofa or carpet ruined by a little ‘accident’. While it is an unfortunate reality for some, fear not, as there are...

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Teaching your puppy good habits and potty manners

You adopted a new puppy. It has been fun, it has been stressful, it has been a whirlwind of fun and firsts. Getting her used to her new home, your family. Teaching her good puppy /potty manners. - One of the most important things a new puppy learns is where to...

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Potty Training Do’s and Don’ts

When potty training your new puppy there are some very definite do’s and don’ts that you should keep in mind. DO Do teach a puppy a “potty phrase”. This is to remind him what he is supposed to do. Go potty, go ahead, do your business, hurry up would all be example of...

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Potty Training Puppies – How to clean up puppy pee

You see him in a pet store or at the local Humane Society. You can’t help it. He is sooooooo cute! He is so soft and puppy breath…..is there anything more intoxicating? So now you have a new puppy. Yay!!!!!! Or maybe uh, oh. Sure puppies are fun and cute but they are...

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Welcome to the Uricide.com pet owners blog!

We've received countless emails from visitors and customers asking a broad range of questions relating to pet training and how to clean up after pets following an 'accident'. As one of the leading manufacturers of pet odor removal products we have fairly extensive...

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