Uricide Pet Odor Eliminator


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You see him in a pet store or at the local Humane Society. You can’t help it. He is sooooooo cute! He is so soft and puppy breath…..is uricide-dogthere anything more intoxicating? So now you have a new puppy. Yay!!!!!! Or maybe uh, oh. Sure puppies are fun and cute but they are also a huge responsibility, almost as big of a responsibility as having a new baby. Feeding him, bathing him, keeping him safe,  teaching him to be a good doggy citizen and potty training him.

Potty Training Tools for Your New Puppy / Dog

One of the keys to potty training your new puppy is the proper tools.  A proper crate is a must. Crates should be just large enough for the puppy to be able to turn around in and lie down comfortably in.  This will be your puppies safe haven when you can’t pay close attention to him.


While you are at home with your puppy you will want him out of the crate and interacting with you and your family but you will need to keep him close at hand so he doesn’t wander off and pee on an expensive carpet. Tethering him to you with a six foot leash will give him a certain amount of freedom but will also keep him close enough to keep an eye on.


You will always want to reward your new puppy for good and expected behavior. When the puppy goes to the bathroom outside where he is supposed to you want to praise and reward him right away to reinforce his good bathroom habits. Treats are a wonderful reinforcement. They are also a good way to entice your new puppy into his crate.

Baby Gate

Another way to keep puppy close while out of his crate is a baby gate. A baby gate will keep him confined to the room you are in so you can keep an eye on him without being tethered to him.

Stain Remover/Odor Eliminator

Inevitably puppy will have the occasional accident on the floor, on your couch, on a rug. You need to clean up these accidents properly and especially get rid of the smell so the puppy doesn’t think this is an acceptable place to keep using as a toilet. An enzymatic cleaner is essential in removing the odor thoroughly. Remember to never punish the puppy for having an accident.