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You adopted a new puppy. It has been fun, it has been stressful, it has been a whirlwind of fun and firsts. Getting her used to her new home, your family.

Teaching her good puppy /potty manners. – One of the most important things a new puppy learns is where to properly go to the bathroom. You were ready when you adopted your new puppy. You did your research, bought all of the proper tools and are diligent and consistent with your new puppies potty training…Yet she still wanders off and has accidents once-in-awhile.

It is exasperating for a new puppy owner especially for a new owner that is as prepared as you are.

teaching puppy potty habits


Your Puppy Leaves Clues!

Thankfully there are subtle little clues and signals that your new puppy exhibits showing that it may be time for a potty break. A classic sign that puppy has to pee is sniffing.

When a puppy starts sniffing the ground that is a sure sign that she is looking for a place to urinate. Take her outside to her designated potty place.

Pacing is another sign that puppy needs to go potty. If your puppy starts pacing grab her and take her outside.

Does puppy seem distracted all of the sudden? This may be another clue that is time to take her outside especially if there is no other reason for her to be distracted such as a rabbit running across your living room floor.
Were you just playing a rousing game of tug-of-war when puppy suddenly stops and walks away? Grab the leash. She needs to poo.

Lastly if puppy suddenly tries to sneak out of the room without you noticing she is definitely off to find a nice quiet place to do her duty.

Everyone, even puppy, wants a nice quiet place to use the facilities. You just don’t want the puppy restroom to be the dining room carpet.

Watching for these subtle puppy potty clues may make potty training a more pleasant and less messy experience!

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