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After lots of deliberation, research and planning, you’ve finally made the decision to get a cute little kitten – a big milestone in your life! training kittens Litter box training cats and cleaning up after kittens pee outside the litter boxWhile the teeny tiger will undoubtedly make your heart glow by just looking at him or her, not to mention the mental health benefits that having a pet can bring, there’s lots of practical things to consider too. If you’ve never had a pet before, there will be challenges to overcome. The good news is, cats find it pretty easy to integrate to family life with humans, much more so than other animals.

If you’ve taken your newborn kitten away from it’s mother in order to give it a new home, you might be worried that it will feel lonely or suffer from detachment issues. A great way to make your kitten feel at ease is to put a small clock inside a sock in their bed. Believe it or not, the ticking of the clock sounds like a heartbeat to kittens and can help them feel like their mother is always near.

It’s not only noises that reduce anxiety in cats. Smells can also make your feline companion feel more relaxed and there are lots of products available that emit an artificial smell that can make kittens feel stress-free.

These options, alongside some old fashioned TLC can make your cat feel suitably chilled in their new home.

Litter box training cats and cleaning up after kittens pee outside the litter box is an important lesson to be learned by pet owners, and we have invaluable information on pet odor removal, and associated products here | here | here |