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One of the biggest fears potential cat owners have before they become a pet parent is animal soiling. We all know friends or family who pet odor removal and training kittens to use the litter boxhave had their new sofa or carpet ruined by a little ‘accident’. While it is an unfortunate reality for some, fear not, as there are many ways to prevent accidents before they become a major issue and require pet odor removal intervention

Kittens should always spend the first 6 weeks after being born with their mother and during these vital first weeks, mother will usually teach the cub how to use the litter tray properly. Despite what some people say, cats are smart animals. Some devotees of the furry feline will even argue that cats are more intelligent than dogs. Either way, they all have the capacity to copy what they see another cat doing and for most, learning to use the litter tray comes fairly simple. Always remember to keep your cat’s litter tray away from where he or she eats their food – like any species, no one likes to eat and go to the toilet in the same place!

If your new kitten has just been separated from its mother, it may need a small reminder during the first few weeks and days about where it should do its business. You can do this by picking the kitten up and placing it in the litter tray every few hours, or when it makes any noise. It may jump out of the tray straight away, but don’t fret – even just being in the litter tray will remind the cat what the tray is for and what they are supposed to do in there. Soon they’ll never forget where they need to go when nature calls! In case of accidents, check out our Uricide Pet Odor Removal – Inside pet odor treatments.

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