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Barking is one of the characteristics that define our pet dogs. We associate barking with many moods and feelings. For dog lovers, it can Excessive barking – what does it all mean?be easy to tell if your dog’s bark is a happy bark, a sad bark, an excited bark, or an angry bark. However, when there is no obvious reason for a dog to bark excessively and your dog begins to bark more than it is silent, what can you do and more importantly, is there something sinister wrong with your cuddly canine?

Barking is a completely normal behavior in your dog but if your dog’s barking starts to keep you and your neighbors awake at night, you’ve got yourself a problem. Sometimes dogs bark because they are lonely, especially at night when you may be asleep in bed. It’s always a good idea to consider getting them a friend but on the other hand, if you already have two or more dogs, excessive barking may signal animosity between your two pets. It’s not unheard of for one dog to be jealous of the attention that you give the other. If your dog is primarily a house dog, it may be pining to get out into the great outdoors. Similarly, if they it only roars when you send it outside for some fresh air, it might be getting cold out there, so try letting it in to the warm house. Be aware that sometimes giving a dog what it wants when it barks can be considered a reward for attention-seeking.

Look for any other disruptive behavior that is occurring alongside the barking. Is your dog soiling in the house or biting you or guests? This behavior might point towards a more serious problem with your dog. When in doubt, always consult your vet. It may be a visit well spent.