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pet odor problemsCat accidents happen and sometimes adult cats just no longer want to use that pesky litter box, which becomes a real problem for owners. Kittens usually learn to use the litter box from mimicking their mothers, but sometimes you get home and realize that the kitten doesn’t know how to use the litter box at all. Well don’t fret, because this article is here to help when cat accidents happen.

Adult cat accidents aren’t very common, but can become extremely frustrating when it starts happening. It could be that your cat may just no longer like their litter box. You could first try regularly cleaning the litter box with regular dish detergent and water. If that doesn’t work, just replace the litter box altogether. And if replacing the box, try choosing something unlike the one they had before.

Sometimes the placement of the litter box may not be desirable. If you’ve recently moved the litter box, it would be best to put it back where it was. If you haven’t recently moved the litter box, there’s probably something around the litter box that is not desirable for the cat. Some kitties are shy and don’t like open areas to do their business. Try finding a spot that’s secluded or buy a litter box with a hood. Also, if the area is a high traffic area (kids playing, loud noises, etc.) this may spook your cat away from the litter box. Try moving the litter box to a more quiet, comfortable area.

Some kitties can become picky about smell or the quality of cleanliness. Try cleaning the litter box about once a day and get rid of any hood over the litter box. Litter hoods can be good for shy kitties, but not so great for cleanly kitties since the hood traps the smell inside the box.

If you have more than one cat, territorial issues could be the reason for your cat accidents. Sometimes kitty just doesn’t want to share. Two boxes should be enough unless problems arise between more than two cats. Also, be sure to separate the two boxes so that the other cat isn’t using your territorial cat’s box as well. Incentives should be given to ensure that each cat is using their assigned box. Never punish a cat for using the wrong litter box.

Kittens are usually the easiest to litter box train if the mother didn’t teach them. First try putting them in the box and slightly grabbing their paws and scratching the litter with them. If they still don’t get it, there is another very simple solution. Put them in a closed off room with their food, water, a few toys, something to sleep on, and of course the litter box. You could even put an incentive in the litter box (catnip is a good incentive). Eventually they will go in the litter box. However, don’t let them out of the room until they’ve used the box at least twice.

Finally, please never strike a cat or punish them for using the bathroom outside the litter box. Cat accidents happen and this can scare the cat permanently from the litter box, as they may start to see it as a punishment. I wish you much luck in getting your cat back into the litter box and I hope this information helps!