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Yard Smells Like Dog Pee

If your yard smells like dog pee, it’s a good chance animals are visiting on occasion. Please read on to learn about an effective homemade yard odor eliminator and other effective methods as well.

Lawns that have been compromised by urine results in unpleasant smells – especially if left there by a cat. Dog urine slowly accumulates because your pet is constantly revisiting and marking the very same spot each time he enters your yard. Animal urine leaves behind an unpleasant scent while creating burned dead patches on your turf (because of its acidity). yard smells like dog peeFortunately, if your yard smells like dog pee, there are natural solutions to this problem that you can make at home. Homemade deodorizers don’t need to be expensive or complicated.

Plain Water
If your yard smells like dog pee, one temporary solution is simply the use of plain water. It is capable of removing the scent of urine on your grass for a short period. Plain water is a natural and safe approach to removing the odor from your lawn. The solution poses no threat to other pets or children nearby. Water is quite effective, but only if you are able to identify the place and time that the animal did their business. Using water to spray the site will only be effective if dilution of urine happens within an eight-hour span from the time the animal urinates. Your ratio of water to urine on the lawn should be 3:1. Watering the animal’s urine down will get rid of the odor. It will also minimize dead patches. The pee will have a fertilizing impact on the grass, as opposed to burning it outright.

Homemade Yard Odor Eliminator

One method that can work as a homemade yard odor eliminator, is the use of citrus rinds and water. If plain water isn’t doing the job, infuse the water by adding up to two tablespoons of citrus rinds (crushed) to a spray bottle. This will dilute the urine without harming the grass. There are other benefits of using this formula – cats do not care for the smell of grapefruit and lemon. Cayenne pepper can also be added to water in order to repel cats even further. The repelling effect (and its subsequent effectiveness) of cayenne pepper and citrus are only short-term solutions, though – long-term solutions warrant reapplication, particularly after rain has fallen.
Baking Soda’s Deodorizing Power
Baking soda happens to be a strong odor neutralizer if your yard smells like dog pee. Just one tablespoon’s worth of regular baking soda for each water quart should be poured into your spray bottle after the solution is mixed. The solution can be sprayed on areas of the lawn if your yard smells like dog pee. Only spray lightly – refrain from saturating the soil. Take comfort in knowing that baking soda won’t harm turfgrass. Actually, it actually helps dead and burned patches recover. It also keeps fungal diseases and pathogens from infecting your lawn.

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Other Homemade Yard Odor Eliminators

Some of these formulas may need to be experimented with to establish what is most effective. If you’re a dog owner, then you might not want to use citrus or baking soda. Regular water is a good solution to start with, as dogs are always trying to mark a certain area of the property upon detection of a foreign scent. To prevent the dog from peeing all over the lawn, designate one area in the yard for them to contain the scent.

Removing the Smell of Rabbit Urine from a Lawn
Rabbit urine’s nitrogen content is capable of burning lawns. Most pet owners understand how dog urine is capable of wreaking havoc on lawns. Pet urine can result in dying brown or dead spots (a.k.a. lawn burn), which seems to show up overnight. Unfortunately, rabbit urine is as destructive, whether it comes from pet rabbits or wild ones. Rabbit urine neutralization minimizes the chances of your lawn burning. It also nullifies the incredibly nauseous ammonia scent that tends to accompany the pee.

Water should be sprayed from your garden hose and onto every area that a rabbit might have urinated on. Each area should be saturated, but standing water should not be left behind. It should take about four hours or so for drying of the grass and ground. Each area should be watered once more. Water dilution is the best approach to neutralizing rabbit urine.

Your yard’s driveway, sidewalks, mulched areas, and similar paved surfaces should be watered if you are trying to dilute a rabbit’s urine. If the odor lingers in a certain area, then fill up your bottle with a concoction that is half distilled white vinegar and half water. Wait for the scented area to dry, then thoroughly spray it using the vinegar/water solution. Refrain from spraying grass or similar plant life using this solution, as damage of the plant may ensue. By neutralizing the scent, you’ll also be discouraging other rabbits from also urinating on that particular area.

Gypsum should be sprinkled on areas of your lawn where water activity is prevalent. Not only will the gypsum improve the quality of the soil – it will also stimulate better drainage. These aspects will be beneficial in preventing lawn burning brought upon by a rabbit’s urine. That is because the pee will likely soak right into the grass faster, minimizing the window of time available for it to negatively impact the lawn. Gypsum is also capable of neutralizing salt left behind by urine, giving a chance for that area to reseed.

The Concentrated Nitrogen Found in a Dog’s Urine Is What’s Burning Your Lawn
If your lawn tends to be frequented by at least one dog, then there is a pretty good chance of some brown spot development brought upon by certain substances in their urine. As tempting as it might be to modify your dog’s pH diet (perhaps by adding some tomato juice), this could end up changing the urine’s acidity. As such, the technique will not have any effect, as acid is not what is causing the brown spots to appear on your lawn.
Tomato Juice
There is usually a significant amount of salt in tomato juice. This could cause dogs to drink much more water than they are used to, which dilutes their urine. However, the extra salt isn’t healthy for your pet, and is capable of causing potential health issues.
Browning Lawns
A significant amount of protein is consumed by dogs, which causes them to release urea – a nitrogen form – via the urine. Because dogs (mostly female ones) urinate in concentrated areas, the high nitrogen amount may end up hurting the lawn, just like an excessive amount of fertilizer would if it was dumped in a single location.
Try to spray some water right over an area that the dog recently visited, and do so as soon as you can for the sake of diluting the urea. Consider training your dog to urinate only in certain areas (perhaps ones with bare dirt or wood chips) to prevent the lawn from getting damaged.

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