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Affiliate FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions about our Affiliate Program

Q – What is the commission?banner 350 x 460 3-22-16

A – We operate with a flat rate commission of 25% of the sale total for products sold to the end-user (retail) and 5% of the sale total for products sold to dealers (wholesale), excluding shipping costs and taxes.

Q – When will I be paid?

A – We settle all affiliate accounts during the first week of each month and pay balances from the previous month’s activity.

Q – How will I be paid?

A – We pay all affiliates through PayPal, directly into your PayPal account. You will need to provide your PayPal email during registration.

Q – Where can I promote your products?

A – You can promote actively online using Social Media, by placing links/creatives on your own website, via email and basically any outlet which does not involve spam and is in compliance with our terms of service.

Q – How do you provide support?

A – We provide a range of banners and ad creatives which are easily accessible from your Affiliate Control panel. We also provide the raw tracking links so you can create your own marketing campaigns and simply embed your tracking link. If you need any technical support you can contact us here.

Q – Can I join the program and purchase products for personal use?

A – Yes, but we do not pay commissions on your own purchases.

Q – What happens when one of my referrals returns a product?

A – We cancel the order and if a commission has been paid we post a negative balance for the order amount to your account.

Q – How do I get started?

A – We recommend that you read our terms here, then you can sign up here!