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Affiliate Help – Getting Started

Becoming a Uricide Affiliate and making money from our products is an easy process. How successful you are as an affiliate will depend on how much time you spend promoting our products and the extent of your marketing reach.

Here is a quick-start guide to getting up and running and making your first commissions.

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Pre – Registration Steps

  1. Begin with an overview of our program and the benefits here
  2. Read our terms and conditions to learn about all of the program essentials here
  3. Have any unanswered questions? Read our FAQ’s here


Time To Register

  1. We’re going to want to pay your commissions and for that we need you to have an active PayPal account. PayPal is free to use, simply register an account at PayPal here You’ll need your PayPal account email address during registration as an affiliate.
  2. Visit our registration form and sign-up here


Congratulations You Are Now an Affiliate – Time For Action!

  1. Log-in to your affiliate account here


Account Settings

Let’s check your settings to make sure your PayPal payment email address is in your account so we can pay you without delay.

Click the link below in your account and check/update your email address


Make sure your PayPal email address is in the settings and also turn on notifications so we can email you when you make a sale.

Click ‘Save Profile Settings’ when you’re done.


Now we can get started with some marketing.

Affiliate URLs

Let’s click the link ‘Affiliate URLs’



Affiliate URLs is a powerful feature which you won’t find offered in most affiliate programs. Here we allow you to create your own campaign and link directly to any page on our website.

Here’s how it works –

  • Browse our website and find a page you would like to link to directly. Then copy the full URL/Link for the page.
  • Paste the URL into the field ‘Page URL’.
  • Give your campaign a name for your reference then click the button ‘Generate URL’.
  • Our system will create a link to your chosen page embedded with your tracking ID. You can now use that link in your own campaigns to send people to our website.


Here’s a screenshot of this page –



TIP! – If you’re sharing our content outside of your own website, for example on FaceBook, blogs, Twitter etc, we recommend that you use the links we’ve generated for you under ‘Product Affiliate Links’ as shown on the screenshot above. These are more ‘share friendly’ and more ‘search engine friendly’.



Let’s click the link ‘Creatives’



Creatives are ads we’ve put together for you which you can use on your own website. We have a number of Banners in different sizes so you can select a banner to suit a specific place on your website.

Let’s take a look at one of the creatives you’ll see in your account –


We add creatives frequently so check back often to see what’s new.


Some Marketing Ideas

Now you’re equipped with creatives and links you’re ready to start promoting our products. Here are some ideas for spreading the word and for generating commissions –


Grab one of the product affiliate links from your account and put together an email to your friends – specifically those of whom are pet owners. Perhaps use something along the lines of –

Hey (name)

I came across a great product I’ve been using to get rid of dog odors around our house. It works great on carpets and furniture and we even use it on our artificial turf lawn! Check it out here and let me know what you think (post your link)

2 – Facebook – Timeline

You can post any of our links on your Timeline and Facebook will generate a preview of the landing page along with an image. You can enhance the post with your own comments.

3 – Facebook – Groups

When posting to Groups we recommend that you’re a little cautious about how you word the post, as some group admins frown on blatant advertising. It’s often best to post a comment in response to a question. So for example, if you’re a member of a dog owners group and one of the members is asking about how to deal with pet odor removal, you can post a reply and include your link.

4 – Blogs

Blogs work in the same way as Facebook groups, where oftentimes people are sensitive to advertising, so you need to operate with some stealth and discretion.

5 – Your own Blog or Website

You can be as creative as you wish on your own space! Write a full page ad or simply use on of our banner creatives, it’s entirely up to you. If you have a high-traffic website and you need some help or ideas, drop us a line, we’d be glad to provide some input.

Social Media Sharing – quick links

If you’re time-strapped you can simply login to your affiliate account then navigate to one of our product pages. Under the product description you will see links to many of the popular social media sites and networks. Simply click the icon and share the page and we’ll automatically embed your tracking code for you!





Once you begin generating referrals and sales commissions we’ll display them real-time in your account. Use the links at the top of your account page ‘Statistics’ – ‘Referrals’  – ‘Visits’ to monitor your activity.

Good luck!