Uricide Pet Odor Eliminator


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 Please Note:  URI-CIDE® is a very powerful, living bacteria that is activated by water. To achieve maximum results, the URI-CIDE® concentrate must be mixed with water when applying to a soiled or stained area.

Large Outside Surface Areas such as Artificial Turf, Gravel Driveways, Wooden Decks, Real Grass, Brick Patios.

For normal odor maintenance,1 quart of Uricide will cover approx 1000 to 1,500 square feet of surface; and only a thin film of product being sprayed on the surface is necessary. If you have several dogs and your turf is more saturated with urine, 1 quart will treat approximately 1,000 sq feet.

Please Note: If your turf has never been treated and has very severe odor problems, an initial dose using a heavier concentration may be necessary. Once this heavier initial dose is applied, normal maintenance can resume.

 When using our formula on large surfaces, use the hose end adapter that is included with your purchase. When applying the formula with your garden hose, turn your hose pressure on to approx 5-10%. Your hose does not need to be turned on all the way. Turning your hose on all the way will waste product. Apply URI-CIDE® when the sun is low and is not shining directly on the surface. As with any water based product, if the sun is shining directly on it, it will evaporate faster and not be as effective.

For best results, apply URI-CIDE® right before sunset, or early morning before the sun is high. Applying URI-CIDE® at sunset is the best option, as the formula can go to work all through the night without any contact from the sun.

 When turning the hydrosprayer to the on position, use a little pressure when turning the switch and it will ride over top of the plastic stop piece,