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” Strongly scented cover-up products, or “dead enzyme” products that have been sitting on retail store shelves for 6 months or longer, simply do not have the eliminating properties to neutralize the odors. These types of products simply will not work. “

 Ordinary Cleaners Cannot Neutralize Urine Odors 

Why Are Urine Odors So Hard to Eliminate?

Urine is composed of a number of substances including urea, uric acids, creatinine, pheromones, bacteria, salts and other chemicals. As urine dries, the bacteria in it break down the urea, causing that very strong, offensive ammonia smell. As this biological breakdown process continues, it releases thiols. Thiols are sulfurous compounds that have incredibly strong odors, and these odors can be detected by human noses in extremely small concentrations. This biological drying process creates a scenario where the odors start out small, then get worse as time goes on.

As the urine dries, it forms uric acid salts, or crystals. These crystals have very hard shells, so dried urine is much harder to break down than fresh urine. When dried uric acid crystals are exposed to moisture or humidity, they revive and the smell comes back.

A few of the elements in urine can be cleaned up with ordinary household cleaners, misleading the homeowner into thinking they’ve solved the problem. However, the substance that causes the odor, uric acid, cannot be neutralized with these ordinary cleaners. Uric acid cannot be eliminated with soap and water or even with strong chemical cleaners. Uric acid is not water soluble and cannot be broken down by water, soap, vinegar, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, bleach or any other ordinary cleaner.

To eliminate the uric acid and subsequent odors, a bacteria product that is, “ alive “ must be used. URI-CIDE’s amazing microbial action has the consuming power to eat through and dissolve the acid crystals to get to the odor causing bacteria.




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Some of the information above is taken from an outstanding book, Outsmarting Cats ” by Wendy Christenson.