Uricide Pet Odor Eliminator


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Inside Use Directions

Smaller Inside Surfaces such as Carpet, Tile, Cat Litter Boxes, Linoleum, Furniture, Fabrics, Car Interiors.

Spot Spraying Small Areas: For small areas, approx 2 feet or less, dampen the soiled area first with a wet cloth or spray bottle.( Warm water is best but not necessary) After wetting the area with water, spray straight URI-CIDE® concentrate directly onto the dampened area. Do not wipe up the excess formula. Leave it on the soiled area and allow it to go to work. Since such a small amount of URI-CIDE® is being applied, use three parts water to one part formula. For extra tough stains, repeat the process if necessary. After allowing the URI-CIDE® time to work, if necessary, wipe the area with a warm, soapy cloth.

Treating Large Inside Areas Such as Carpet:  URI-CIDE® is activated by water, so when mixing with water in a separate container, only mix together the amount that will be used. After activating URI-CIDE® , the bacteria life is approximately 48 hours, so only mix what you need. To avoid wasting any product, wet the area being treated first, then apply straight URI-CIDE® concentrate using a pump type sprayer or sponge.

Since a higher volume of product is being used to cover a larger surface area, the mix ratio can be 10 to 15 parts water to one part URI-CIDE®. For extreme odor problems mix a little stronger, for milder odors, mix a little weaker.

For additional questions, or further instructions on how to apply URICIDE, please call us at 844-400-0205.

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