Uricide Pet Odor Eliminator


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URICIDE Pet Odor Eliminator for Turf. One Case of 4 Gallons.




Each Gallon will treat approximate 5,000 sq. feet of artificial turf.

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URI-CIDE®’s synergistic blend of live bacteria is specially formulated for eliminating pet odors on artificial turf and outdoor carpet. The active bacteria in URI-CIDE® literally consumes and digests the odor causing pathogens until they are completely gone.

Included with each purchase is a free One Quart Dispenser and URI-CIDE® Hydro Sprayer.   Our one gallon size of URI-CIDE® is a super concentrate and will yield 20 gallons of usable product.

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Weight15 lbs
Dimensions7 × 7 × 12 in
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