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best carpet cleaner for pets

Best Carpet Cleaner for Pets

Oh boy, you arrive home from work and you know something is wrong as soon as you open the door and step inside the hallway. That unmistakable aroma of pet urine! Whose turn was it today? Did the cat pee on the carpet or was it the dog?

If this is a regular occurrence then you’re going to need to get serious about odor removal in the home and source the best carpet cleaner for pets.


The worst case scenario for any pet owner is the serial offender. Kitty pees in the corner behind the chair and it goes unnoticed. So she decides she’s going to make it her regular spot! You catch her after a couple days and attempt a botched clean up, the odor still lingers so her spot is still open!

This cycle can become problematic quickly, so you need to clean up the offending pet urine odors and make sure the area doesn’t become recontaminated. Using a quality microbial based pet odor eliminator like Uricide, you can quickly remove the smells and lay down a scented barrier to help prevent serial offenders from recontaminating the spot!

As long as your cat or dog can smell his personal scent, or the scent of other cats and dogs, he or she will continue to return to the zone and recontaminate. And if you think you’ve done a good enough cleaning job with some hot water, soap/detergent and a scrubbing brush – think again! While ever there’s any kind of residual odor from pet pee, your pets are going to want to reuse the area over and over.

Of course, post clean up you should look at making the area a ‘no go’ zone for your pets. Try rearranging the furniture to block access to their little potty area. Make sure their litter box is always kept clean and attractive, the most common cause of cats peeing on a carpet is a full or smelly litter box. So make sure kitty can use her litter box and exit the box cleanly. Keep the floor area around the box clean and dry and always de-clump on a daily basis.

If problems persist, you may need to seek advice from a vet to ensure there isn’t an underlying medical problem affecting your pet. The vet will also offer some potty training advice and suggestions on how to coax even previously trained cats back to the litter box. Meanwhile make sure you are equipped with all of the supplies needed to combat the issue and clean up effectively after your pets, for this you will need the best odor eliminator, Uricide.

If your pet urine odor problem is caused by a dog, then make sure you’re finding enough time to take puppy outdoors for exercise and potty breaks. Dogs can be affected by noises outside the home when they’re left home alone during the day, so make sure there isn’t some extraneous cause for puppy’s incontinence problems.

The Clean Up – Removing Pet Odors from Carpets and The Best Carpet Cleaner for Pets

We’ve covered in previous articles the various processes for locating and removing pet urine odors from carpets and other surfaces. We recommend the use of a UV Black Light to help locate contaminated areas, followed by cleaning away of any solid debris with hot soapy water and a scrubbing brush (use a quality detergent to help remove stains and solids).

  • Soak up the urine with paper towels as quickly as possible. You need to prevent bacteria from getting a hold on carpeting and fabrics, at which point it becomes more difficult to remove. The more wet urine you can remove the easier it will be to completely eliminate the odor.
  • Wash the affected areas thoroughly with hot soapy water then dry out as much of the water as possible with rags or paper towels.

Then, once the cleaned area is dry, apply the best carpet cleaner product available for pets – Uricide.

Clothing and bedding – removing pet odors and urine odors

If it isn’t carpeting which is contaminated, then there are other methods for dealing with the clean up. If your clothes or bedding have become contaminated with pet urine and you’re smelling a pungent odor, then machine washing the items may be the first step to odor removal.

Try using an enzymatic cleaner or laundry detergent and also try adding a box of baking soda to the wash. Afterwards, air dry the clothing rather than using a tumble dryer. If you still smell the odors, then use our enzymatic spot spray product Uricide for Inside on the affected area and let the item dry out naturally for a day. Then rewash and dry as before.