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Best Odor Eliminator – Products To Remove Pet Odors From Your Home.

There seems to be confusion when it comes down to people selecting the best odor eliminator. Generally speaking, your home is going to be subjected to two main types of invasive odor – chemical and organic. For chemical odors arising from accidents with products such as paints, thinners, adhesives etc, you need a chemical product to clean up the mess and remove the associated odors. For odors arising from organic materials such as pet urine, garbage or mildew, your best type of odor eliminator is always going to be something organically based which removes the offending material at a biological level – so enzymatic cleaners are the best odor eliminators for organic waste.

So Why All The Confusion?

Basically, odor elimination products are often packaged for a specific market sector and sold at a premium as a ‘cat urine odor remover’, or ‘pet odor eliminator’. That’s fine, but if you find an enzymatic cleaner which can effectively neutralize the odors from cat urine, then it’s going to be effective on most other types of organic waste, too.

Our featured product – Uricide Microbial Pet Odor Eliminator has been tried, tested and proven to work on the toughest of stains and odors around the home. We’ve had positive feedback from customers who’ve utilized Uricide successfully on removing cat pee odors, dog urine odors and even skunk spray odors from a wide range of carpeting, artificial turf / grass, furnishings, clothes and much more. Simply put, users of Uricide products are convinced that they are the best odor eliminators for a wide range of household smells.

How to get the most from your odor removal product

best odor removers for dog urine cat urineClearly a good quality odor eliminator comes at a price, so it’s important that you understand how to make the best use of it. Our products are highly concentrated so when you purchase our outside formula, a little goes a long way. But for the inside formula, used primarily to remove pet urine odors from carpeting and furniture, you’ll want to use it sensibly and economically.

We always recommend starting any clean-up process using a UV Black Light to identify the exact area of the stain. Without a Black Light you’ll be using some guess work and you may be applying product to areas which are not stained. We have extensive information at our website on selecting and using a UV Black Light, for example here and here. The basic principal to locate and get rid of cat pee smell is to turn out the lights and close the curtains to block out as much of the ambient light as possible. Then, shine the black light over affected areas and any biological material such as pet urine, will be highlighted by the UV Black Light.

Once you’ve located the stained areas you’ll need to clean the area thoroughly before applying the odor removal product. Clean it with hot soapy water and an antibacterial cleaner or detergent. Then, use the odor removal product ensuring that the stained areas are fully covered. There is no need to heavily saturate the affected areas, just spray the product lightly as you would when using something like a furniture polish. Even the best odor eliminator products need some time to work, so allow the product to sit for a few hours on treated areas before assessing the odor and determining if there’s any need to re-apply.

Stubborn stains may need a further application of odor removal product, so ensure the affected areas are fully cleansed before you wrap up, to make sure your pets are not tempted to undo all of your hard work!

Is it just pets? What are other common uses for a good odor eliminator?

There are too many potential uses to list here, but anywhere in the home where persistent smells arise can be treated with the odor removal products. For example, garbage and trash storage area, toilet bowls and areas around the toilet, damp / dank smelling basements and loft areas, all manner of fabric material such as carpeting, furnishing, clothes etc, storage closets, cooking smells, human body odors permeating into clothes and fabrics, smoke, vomit, athletic odors and much more.

Regardless of the type of odor you are treating, be sure to select an organic, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, biodegradable product which can be applied freely and liberally without fear of harming pets, kids or the environment, or causing stains and damage to applied areas.

remove toilet odorsTo eliminate toilet bowl odors, ensure the area around the toilet is cleaned on a consistent basis and that you don’t allow organic material to seep into the seal between the toilet and the flooring. The area between the toilet and the floor generally has a seal, usually a wax ring, and this seal may become brittle and ineffective in older installations. If smells are emanating from the seal area, use a bucket with hot soapy water to thoroughly clean around the seal area, then use a common household bleach cleaner, then liberally apply Uricide, spraying around the entire seal. If the odor persists, the wax ring may need to be replaced.

Often times you can freshen up your home and remove odors to which you’ve become ‘nose blind’ with a gentle application of a product like our ‘Uricide for Inside‘.

Review our complete line of odor elimination products here. These are industrial grade products yet at the same time are safe and effective for use in the home.