Uricide Pet Odor Eliminator


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Commercial Grade Odor Eliminator

URI-CIDE® is a powerful odor eliminator, designed for neutralizing the most offensive odors caused by pets, food grease, trash, urine, pet waste and more. Our patented formula is a super concentrate, designed to instantly eliminate odor causing organisms. The odor removing microbes in URICIDE also work as a stain cleaner, by literally consuming and digesting the stain causing proteins. Since URI-CIDE® is formulated with living bacteria that feeds on organic waste, it will continue to work until the odor causing organisms are completely consumed.


Severe Odor Problems. Solve Them With URI-CIDE®.

Severe odors from pets and other waste sources sometimes need a industrial strength odor eliminating product. The problem with commercial grade or industrial strength cleaners is they are often times made with caustic or Best pet odor eliminator for artificial grassharmful chemicals. These chemicals can be toxic, and can be dangerous to your kids, pets and can even kill the flowers or plant life in your lawn or garden.

The bacteria that is in URI-CIDE® is 100% organic, biodegradable and safe for all applications. It has remarkable odor neutralizing abilities and can be used for removing odors on indoor and outdoor carpet, drive ways, roof decks, patios, dog kennels, furniture, bedding and mattresses. Since URI-CIDE® is a bacteria concentrate, it can be used anywhere! Our super concentrate has the odor eliminating performance of a commercial grade odor product, but is completely safe!

URICIDE Odor Control Products For Commercial and Industrial Use


Since URI-CIDE® is completely safe, it is used by city and county cleaning and maintenance crews right here in California and many other areas in the United States. Our product is used by these agencies for cleaning public streets, alleys, state parks, concert arenas, stadiums, sports fields and other similar areas where there may be problems with human or pet waste, whether it be urine, vomit or feces. Best pet odor eliminator for artificial grass

If you are cleaning or maintenance contractor, please contact us here for information about our commercial cleaning programs.

URICIDE® is an Industrial Strength Odor Eliminator and is Used For:

  • City and County Parks
  • Public Pet Areas
  • Sports Fields
  • Public Streets and Alleys
  • Concert Arenas and Stadiums
  • Restaurant and Bar Areas

High Performance Odor Elimination. The URI-CIDE® Declaration.

At URICIDE® Odor Control Products, we stand behind our claim that our concentrate will be the best odor remover that you have ever used, or your money back. We guarantee that our commercial grade odor remover will remove smells from urine, feces, vomit, food trash, saliva and food grease better than any product you have ever used, period. Our remarkable odor and stain removing product is ideal for large surface area applications. If you need odors removed from sidewalks, alley ways behind buildings, sports fields, kennels, dog parks or large back yards, Uricide is the answer.

URICIDE® is very cost effective, as it is a super concentrate and requires very little product to get the job done. Whether it’s a big job or small, URICIDE® is the solution for odor problems in your yard, home or business.