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Benefits of Artificial Turf

There are many benefits to artificial turf. As the technology of artificial turf, or “ fake grass “ is constantly improving, more homeowners are digging up their real sod and replacing it with a synthetic grass blend.
The most obvious benefit of having artificial grass is, the homeowner no longer has to deal with the weekly maintenance of mowing, weeding and watering. There are many other benefits to having a fake grass lawn that most people are not aware of.

Here are Five more benefits that many people are not aware of:

1. No more Burn Marks from Pet Urine

People who own pets often have to deal with urine burn marks on their lawn. This occurs from the pet going in the same spot repeatedly. As urine is very acidic, it will  eventually kill the grass and leave very unsightly burn marks on the lawn. Urine contains nitrogen, which is the chemical that burns and/or kills the grass. A little nitrogen is good for grass, as it acts as a fertilizer. However, too much nitrogen will literally burn the grass, causing it to die. One method that pet owners try, is to change their dogs diet, to reduce the acidity in the urine. This has been known to work, but can be a very high maintenance chore, that requires a regimented feeding schedule.

Artificial grass is 100% stain resistant and will not stain from the dog urine. However, the soiled area will still have to be hosed off, as the ammonia in the urine can cause an offensive odor over time. Hosing off the urine with an added odor eliminating product will solve the problem. As a result, the surface of the turf will remain odor free, green and beautiful year round. Although there is an initial investment with artificial turf, the eye pleasing look of a lush, green lawn can be worth the investment.

2.No More Allergies

Often people who deal with seasonal allergies, can be affected by the organic particles that blow off their lawn. Children who like to play in their yard are even more susceptible to allergies, as they are much closer to the source and spend more time around it. Since Artificial Turf is a non-organic material, it is one way to lessen the exposure to the allergy causing pathogens.

3. Artificial Turf Drains Must Faster Than Real Grass

After a torrential down pour, a real grass lawn can hold large puddles of water. This results in mud, uneven spots in the lawn and basically an overall mess. The mud than gets tracked in the house by pets or children, causing more problems inside the house. Another great benefit of fake grass is it drains 25 times faster than real grass. The base that is installed underneath the artificial turf works as a French drain, retaining the water as it slowly percolates down into the earth. With artificial grass, there could be a serious rain storm and because it drains so well, the kids can literally be playing outside an hour later. Also, because fake grass drains so well, pet urine can be rinsed off much easier as it will drain through the turf, as opposed to sitting on the surface, which can ultimately cause pet odors or urine burn marks.

4. Artificial Turf Requires No Chemicals

In today’s society, there is a major push to keep the environment clean and free of toxic chemicals and waste products. With a conventional lawn, often times pesticides, fertilizers or other chemicals are needed to keep the lawn looking green and to keep it free from insects or other pests. The problem with using chemicals is they can ultimately end up in streams, rivers or the ocean. Fake grass requires no chemicals which is much better for the environment. The only product that may be needed for artificial grass would be a pet odor or urine smell eliminator. Please check out our product here, which is a 100% organic, non-toxic bacteria that will remove the urine smells and is completely safe for the environment.

5. Rebates from Your Water Company

Due to the effort of trying to conserve water, most power companies are giving rebates to homeowners who have artificial turf installed in their yard. In warmer climate areas where there are severe droughts, homeowners are getting rebates as high as $3.00 per square foot to convert to artificial turf. If your neighborhood has a homeowner’s association, check with them to see what the current rebates are. If you have no association, call your local water company and they should have all the information you need regarding rebates.

Article information courtesy of SmartGrassAmerica.com