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Enzymatic Cleaners and Pet Odors

Every pet owner knows that at some point during the pet ownership cycle they’re going to have to clean up the stains and odor from pet urine. Any pet owner whose pet is a repeat offender understands the need to get on top of these issues quickly when they arise. Urine stains need to be cleaned thoroughly and quickly and a good cleaning product is essential to this task.

But with so many pet odor removal products on the market, which type of product is best suited for cleaning up pet odors, and why?

In our experience, the only product suited to cleaning dog and cat urine effectively is a quality bio-enzymatic cleaner.

It’s true to say that there’s nothing really new about enzymatic cleaners, they’ve been commercially available for decades. Primarily they’ve been in use by commercial cleaning companies who need to deal with tough cleanup situations efficiently, but in more recent times they’ve become available to the general public too.

What does the term ‘Bio-enzymatic’ mean in this context and why does it work so effectively on pet urine?

Bio-Enzymatic cleaners such as ‘Uricide’ are liquid based products which utilize non-pathogenic bacteria to essentially digest waste material and eliminate odors at source. This ‘good’ bacteria produces enzymes specifically designed to break down solid and liquid waste matter at a molecular level – the solids/liquids are basically eaten by the live bacteria, which in turn expel two substances as a biproduct of the digestive process – carbon dioxide and water.

As the live bacteria consume the organic waste matter they begin to multiply in much the same way as yeast bacteria function when provided with a source of ‘food’. The bacteria count continues to expand while ever their source of food remains, the food source diminishes quickly at which point the bacteria growth begins to decrease. Once all of the organic waste matter has been consumed the remaining bacteria can simply be washed away without trace or residue. Clearly when talking about ‘waste’ and ‘organic matter’ in this context we’re referring specifically to dog or cat urine, feces and any other organic material such is food stuff etc.

What is the difference between an enzyme and the actual bacteria?

microbial eliminatorFor the purpose of this article and how it pertains to cleaning up pet urine and other pet waste, it’s sufficient to understand that bacteria and enzymes are two different components. The function of the enzyme is to basically disassemble larger solid particulates into smaller particulates so they can be consumed by the bacteria. There are several enzymes selected specifically for use in cleaning products for the purpose of breaking down particulates:

  • Proteases – used to disassemble protein-based molecules such as urine, feces, blood and food.
  • Amylases – breaks down starch molecules.
  • Lipases – functions to break the molecules in oil and grease.


How Safe Are Enzymatic Cleaners?

Generally speaking enzymatic cleaners are safe. That doesn’t mean some manufacturers don’t use certain additives which might be harmful to pets, humans and/or the environment. So if you’re shopping around for cleaners, be sure to look for a product which is ‘all natural’, and without chemical additives.One such product is our Uricide formula. URI-CIDE® is Non-Toxic, Bio-Degradable and completely safe for use throughout the home. It can be used where there’s contact from kids and pets and it will not damage or stain surfaces such as  artificial turf, carpeting, furniture, fabrics, linoleum etc.

The naturally occurring bacteria in URI-CIDE®  provides users with a unique pet odor removal product which targets the proteins found in pet odor removal product Uricidepet feces and pet urine, completely eliminating all odors rapidly and safely.

Furthermore, the micro-organisms in URI-CIDE® penetrate small cracks and crevices, working deep to eliminate solid waste matter and prevent malodors that regular chemical based cleaning products can only mask.

Use our pet odor removal product in many different environments including kitchens, bathrooms, basements, garages, dens, yards, commercial spaces and more.

If you’re not completely satisfied with URI-CIDE® simply return it to us for a full, no questions asked refund.

Safe, environmentally friendly pet odor removal products from the leaders in pet cleanup solutions.

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