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Using Artificial Turf Around Swimming Pools


Over the last few years, more and more people are putting artificial grass around their swimming pools. There are actually more problems created when putting real grass or cement around swimming pools, and with the installation of synthetic turf or “ fake grass “, most of these problems are solved.


Stronger Surface

When real grass surrounds a pool, chlorine laced water or other pool chemicals may be splashed onto it, either killing the grass or causing ugly brown patches. These chemicals can weaken the grass, and this, combined with constant foot traffic trampling the grass, can make the pool area very unsightly.Artificial turf is not affected by chemicals or foot traffic, so the result is a lush, green landscape that stays beautiful year round.


Artificial Turf Around Swimming Pools – Safety First

Fake Grass around pool

Fake Grass is much softer than concrete, so if someone happens to slip, they will have a much softer landing area. Also, additional padding can be put underneath of the turf surface to provide additional cushion in the event of a fall. In addition, Artificial Turf is not a slippery surface, unlike real grass and concrete. Artificial Turf drains 25 times faster than regular grass, so if water gets splashed onto it, it drains much quicker and dries much faster from the sun. Concrete when wet, can become very slippery, which could be a safety hazard, especially if you have young children who like to run and play around the edge of the pool.


Artificial Grass Around Swimming Pools is Much Less Maintenance.

If your pool is surrounded by natural grass, you will have to trim it, cut it with a lawnmower and possibly use chemicals and fertilizers on it. These chemicals can get into the pool or on your skin, which can then get mixed in with the swimming pool water. Also, grass clippings will get into the swimming pool, which requires more time cleaning the pool and the pool filters.


Using Fake Grass Around Swimming Pools- No More Mud

Another obvious benefit of using artificial grass around swimming pools is the homeowner no longer has to worry about mud being dragged into the house or splashed into the pool. During a pool party, excessive splashing can splash beyond the concrete perimeter, creating a situation where muddy water can end up all over the yard. When this situation occurs, children and pets can drag the mud into the house or track it all over the patio. By using artificial grass around the swimming pool, this problem no longer exists and the swimming pool area stays clean.


The Best Choice

Factoring in all the benefits, the clear choice winner is to install artificial grass around your swimming pool. Artificial grass is much safer, does not require maintenance, does not need chemicals and stays beautiful and safe all year round.

The initial cost for installing artificial turf around your swimming pool may be a little more in the beginning, but over time your initial investment will pay for itself and the homeowner can enjoy having more leisure time around his pool, as opposed to working every weekend trying to maintain it.


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