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Get Rid of Cat Pee Smell

Get Rid of Cat Pee Smell

Let’s face it, we all love our pets and most of the time they’re clean and behave themselves when it comes to potty time. But once in a while kitty is going to have an accident and you’re going to have the problem of how to get rid of cat pee smell.

The frequency and extent of the problem can depend on many factors. Younger cats and older cats have problems with peeing outside of the litter box, often times they have the right intentions but never quite make it to the actual box!

When cats pee on carpets and furnishings it almost always results in a strong, lingering and pungent odor, one which is easily detectable and identifiable for anyone entering your home. What’s worse is that it’s often a marker for other pets to urinate in the same spot, or for kitty to return and remark the area repeatedly.


Black Lights for Urine Detection

Aside from making some basic training changes to how you raise your pet, there are certain measures you can take to remedy these issues and to get rid of the cat pee smell.

blacklights for urine detectionThe first and most important step is to identify the area of the stain. In other articles we’ve talked extensively on how blacklights can help in locating cat and dog urine on carpets, clothes, furniture etc.

Black lights are a unique and effective way to detect urine stains and they should always be your first step in locating pee stains and treating the contaminated areas.

Once you’ve traced the infected areas you need to select a good enzymatic cleaning product which works at a molecular level in cleaning the stain and neutralizing pet odors. Pet odor elimination products come in many shapes and sizes, we recommend our own product – Uricide Pet Odor Eliminator and perhaps the most effective pet odor eliminator on the market today.

There are less expensive products available for you to choose from, but few are as effective as Uricide in cleaning up pet stains and removing pet odors from carpets and other surfaces.

Many of the common brands of pet odor elimination products actually lock down the pet odors and do little to clean and remove the stains.

Many can also be harmful to pets and other occupants of the home as they may contain harsh and toxic chemicals. So with Uricide, you’re guaranteed of a safe and effective approach to pet odor removal and cleaning up pet and other stains from carpets and furnishings.

Folk Lore and Cleaning up after Pets

If you’re adamant that you don’t want to invest in a professional cleaning product for ridding your home of pet odors, then there are a few home remedies that you could try. Using products like hydrogen peroxide and baking soda might have some impact on affected areas but you’ll need to allow them a lot of time to work, potentially. It could take a month or more of treatment to completely remove an bad smell from your carpet, so be prepared to wait it out!

Likewise you could also try white vinegar on stains, but make sure that you’re not going to spoil any colored fabrics with a heavy concentration of vinegar.


If your pet has literally run rampant, then you may have little alternative but to resort to renting an industrial carpet cleaner.

Renting a commercial steam-cleaning vacuum to deep clean your carpets is a time consuming and expensive way of dealing with odors from your pets, and you may find that repeated cleaning of the affected area is necessary before the odors and stains dissipate.

Lastly, you could end up bringing in a professional cleaning service with experience of dealing with pet urine problems, but expect to pay north of $200 just to have them come out and treat one or two persistent stains or odors.

So with all things considered, it’s worth the cost of investing in a professional grade product like Uricide and keeping an extra bottle or two on hand so you can get to stains quickly and neutralize their pungent odors.

Remember, repeated soiling of the same area is going to make cleanup a real bear, so you need to be armed and ready to deal with pet urine events as soon as they occur. The longer you leave a mess unattended the more likely you are to turn your cat or dog into a repeat offender. And don’t even get me started on homes with multiple pets!

So grab a bottle of Uricide today and keep on top of pet odors in your home – safe, natural and effective, Uricide is strong enough to neutralize any pet odors and deal with the strongest stains.

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