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Artificial Grass in Homes and Businesses

Artificial Grass or , “ Fake Grass “ is being installed at homes and businesses all over the country. Due to water restrictions and the eco friendly, “ Go Green “ movement, the artificial grass business is growing at a very high rate, increasing at about 15-20% per year. Artificial grass has many benefits, such as cost savings on water bills, no more use of pesticides that may drain into the ocean or bay, and the elimination of weekly maintenance such as mowing, weeding and trimming. About 75% of homeowners who have artificial grass installed, do so because they have one or more pets. However, one problem that can occur with artificial grass is caused by the family pet going to the bathroom repeatedly in the same spot. This will not result in any physical damage to the turf, but may cause an offensive dog urine smell. This pet odor if not taken care of, can render the yard useless for outdoor activities or family entertaining.

A homeowner can prevent the problems of pet odors or urine smells on artificial grass, by rinsing the area off daily with a standard garden hose. Although this will help the pet odor problem, it can turn into a bothersome, time consuming chore. Also, with today’s ever increasing water turf paversrestrictions, a home or business owner may be limited to how many times a week they can water their lawn, and in some extreme cases, may actually be fined for the over use of water. Certain states where there are severe drought problems, like California, Arizona and Nevada are already seeing homeowner fines for over use of water.

A better solution to pet odors, or how to remove pet urine smells from artificial turf, is with the use of a living bacteria product, that literally digests and consumes the waste organisms that are causing the smell. URI-CIDE®,  a microbial urine stain cleaner and odor remover, is the best solution to this problem. By using URI-CIDE®, the homeowner will literally flush out the waste organisms that are causing the problem, and will no longer have to deal with the daily task of rinsing the lawn with a garden hose.


Besides Removing Pet Odors from Artificial Grass, URI-CIDE® also works on:

  • Patios
  • Dog Runs
  • Outdoor Carpet
  • Real Grass and Landscaping
  • Wooden Decks
  • Walkways

Remove Vomit, Saliva, Pet Stools and Urine Odors from Artificial Turf

URI-CIDE®’s bacteria, microbial formula works on any and all pet odors, including vomit, feces, saliva and even wet dog smells! We guarantee our product to be the best odor eliminator that you ever used or you can return your purchase for a full refund. Upon receiving your purchase of URI-CIDE®, follow the simple instructions that are printed on the label, and the lingering pet odors in your yard will be eliminated.

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Microbes are not visible to the naked eye, and there are more of them on a human hand then there are people on the planet!


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