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Remove Pet Odors from Carpet

Trying to remove urine smells from a rug, carpet or mattress can be a bothersome task. For homeowners that have one or more dogs or other pets in the house, bathroom accidents can be a regular occurrence. Repeated pet urine contamination can compound the problem, which ultimately makes it even harder to remove the urine smell from the carpet.

Urea, the chemical compound that is found in urine, is the waste produced by the body after metabolizing protein. After the liver breaks down the proteins and ammonia, the kidneys transfer the urea from the blood to the urine. The chemical compound of proteins, ammonia and amino acids are what causes the gas that creates the urine odor.

Over the years, pet owners have tried various homemade remedies as a solution for removing pee smells out of carpet or mattress. Baking soda, Clean Pet Odors From Carpetperoxide, vinegar and dishwashing solution are a few of the remedies that people have tried. These methods may work to a certain degree, but they can be messy, leave too much residue and can also cause fading in the carpet. For example, peroxide may help in removing urine stains, but it’s bleaching characteristics can take the color out of a costly mattress or carpet.


Neutralize Odors in Carpet. URI-CIDE® is the Solution.

URI-CIDE® bacterial pet odor eliminator, will not only instantly remove the pet odors, it will also clean the urine stains safely and effectively, without ruining the appearance of the carpet. Since URI-CIDE® is made from a proprietary blend of bacteria strains, there are no abrasive or bleaching type chemicals that will ruin the carpet’s surface. URI-CIDE® is a safe, non toxic blend of waste digesting microbes that naturally digest and consume the urea that is present in urine. Because the microbes in URI-CIDE® naturally feed on urea, they continue to work until all the odor causing organisms are completely consumed. Once the waste organisms are consumed, the gas causing urea no longer is present and the odor problem is eliminated.

How to Remove Urine Stains From Carpeting

Pet urine also causes stains in carpet, as it is high in nitrogen. Salts and other compounds in dog urine may also contribute to stains in a rug or carpet. In addition, urine is highly acidic and also adds to it ’s stain causing properties.

The staining potential of pet urine is not to be taken lightly. In addition to carpeting, homeowner’s with one or pets often have to sacrifice the beauty of their lawn. The urine from their pets literally burns the lawn, leaving burn marks and brown patchy areas. This can lead to an unsightly yard and a frustrated homeowner, who has very little options to correct this problem. One particular option to fix the pet urine burns is to replace the backyard grass with artificial turf. With artificial turf, the homeowner no longer has to worry about the grass being ruined by pet urine burn marks.

Unfortunately, this option is not available when dealing with inside the home pet problems. Urine residue from pets and young children, can leave considerable stains on a bed or mattress. With the inception of URI-CIDE®, this problem is solved. URI-CIDE® will not only help to break down and clean the urine stains, it will also completely eliminate the offending odor as well.

Applying the URI-CIDE® to carpet is easy. Simply mix a few ounces of URI-CIDE® in a spray bottle with some water, and spray the stained area. The microbes in the solution will instantly go to work, digesting and breaking down the Urea waste organisms. Allow the solution to go to work for approximately 30-45 minutes, then wipe up the stains with a warm soapy cloth.

When removing urine stains from a bed or mattress, be careful not to overly saturate the area, as a mattress cannot be air dried as quickly as a carpet can. As long as a sufficient amount of URI-CIDE® is spot sprayed on the stained area, the bacteria will go to work and eliminate the stains and smell.

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