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When pets pee on carpets – health issues and odor removal

When pets pee on carpets – health issues and odor removal

In June 2016 we surveyed our regular customers to try to learn more about their experiences with cats and dogs and how to handle the situation when pets pee on carpets and furniture. The survey was geared to finding out what causes cats and dogs who have been previously housebroken, to begin having indoor urination problems leading to urine odors in the home and odor removal issues. What we found was that in almost all cases, there was some underlying medical issues causing cats/dogs to pee on carpets and furniture.

Some of the feedback we received on this issue included:

Cats producing small amounts of urine in the litter box may have a UTI or Feline interstitial cystitis. This condition is a complex cleaning up urine smells when cats miss the litter boxdisease that causes inflammation of the bladder and may lead to an urgency to urinate issue common in older cats. Here is an article on UTI sent by one of our customers, it includes good information on cleaning cat pee from carpets and furniture, cat odor removal issues and some tips on diagnosing cats with FIC. 


Jasmine was an older cat with feline kidney function problems. Jasmine was peeing in the home and her owner used a UV Blacklight to detect the stains, then our Uricide Microbial Pet Odor Eliminator to clean up the cat urine stains and odors. Learn more about Jasmine here


Here’s an article on Pets.WebMD relating to cats and cessation of use of the litter box. Much of the feedback we received from pet owners related to cats missing the litter box or peeing elsewhere in the home after previously being comfortable using the litter box. Our Uricide pet odor eliminator is a good product to help eliminate pet odors from litter box areas, learn more about pet odor elimination products here.


How to find and neutralize cat pee on carpeting and furniture.

This article will enlighten you on how to find and neutralize cat pee on carpeting and furniture. We asked our customers to write to us specifically with their experiences with cats and what causes them to have accidents in the home. Invariably there was some underlying medical issues causing cats to pee on carpets and furniture.


Pet Urine Detector – Detecting Pet Urine Stains with a UV Black Light Learn how to detect pet urine in carpets, flooring and fabrics with a UV Black Light – detect and eliminate pet odors fast. One of the main problems with pet odor elimination is actually finding the contaminated areas, particularly in larger homes where the pet odors dissipate more freely and quickly.


FAQ’s – Handling Pets who urinate indoors and subsequent cleanups.best odor removers for dog urine cat urine

Q – why has my older cat begun peeing outside of her litter box?

A – Cats can suffer from a variety of medical conditions leading to indoor urination problems. Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD). FLUTD manifests with symptoms like a blocked urethra, stones, crystals or debris accumulation in the bladder or urethra, bladder inflammation, injury to the urinary tract, stress, spinal cord problems and congenital abnormality.  You can see more information about FLUTD here.

Older cats also suffer from progressive kidney failure and may need medication to slow down the process.


Q – Is there any way to encourage my cat to use her litter box and how do I clean up when she misses?

A – Cats won’t use a dirty litter box so make sure you keep the box clean and the litter fresh. Younger cats and older cats do not like litter boxes with tall sides, they may struggle entering and exiting the box and may just pee on the floor to the side of the box. Try using a small sided baking tray or other vessel to hold the litter.

When your cat pees on the floor you need to neutralize the odor quickly and thoroughly before s/he turns it into a regular spot. Remove all solid debris, wash the affected area with warm soapy water and a detergent. Use Uricide Microbial odor eliminator to kill the odor-making bacteria and remove the smells.


Q – How to stop a puppy peeing on the carpet and how to clean up when he does. [article]

A – The most important thing is to get your dog on a regular potty schedule. Make sure your dog gets taken outdoors at the same time each day so he or she gets to know the schedule and won’t feel the urge to urinate or defecate indoors. Most pups can be housebroken in a couple weeks as long as you’re around to spot the telltale signs that pup needs to pee. get used to taking them outside as soon as you release them from the kennel and soon after they’ve eaten.

Puppy/Pet cleanup is similar for dogs as it is for cats, though their pee area may be more difficult to detect if you’re out of the home for any length of time. Use a UV Black Light to detect stained areas then clean with warm soapy water, dry and apply the best enzyme based carpet cleaner and pet odor removal product – Uricide for Inside [learn more here]


Q – I have 3 dogs and 2 cats, are there any commercial grade odor eliminators!?

A – URI-CIDE® is a powerful commercial grade odor eliminator, designed to neutralize the most offensive odors caused by cat and dog urine and feces. Our formula is super concentrated and will eliminate the most deep and persistent cat and dog urine odors from carpeting, furnishings and much more. Using enzyme based pet odor removal products is the most effective way of neutralizing indoor and outdoor pet odors from carpets, furnishings, artificial turf and much more.

You can buy Uricide from our website and also on Amazon. We sell Uricide wholesale to commercial cleaning operations and no cleaning job is outside of the scope of what Uricide can do.

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