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The URICIDE® Shock Treatment is a very simple process. All you are doing is simply mixing the Uricide® much stronger than normal for the first couple of treatments. This is similar to using super shock chlorine in a swimming pool, where the water has turned green or is over-run with algae growth.


1. If you don’t already have one, purchase a 1 gallon garden sprayer like the one shown. These can be bought at any hardware store for around $15.

2. Clean the surface of the turf as best as you can. Rake any leaves, pine needles, clumps of dog hair or pet stools. If your turf is old and matted and the blades are laying on their side, it’s a good idea to rake the surface to help lift the blades up a little. This makes it easier for the URICIDE® liquid to get down to the base of the turf blades so it can come into contact with the dried urine crystals and dissolve them.

How to Mix the Product

3. Mix 1/2 quart of URICIDE with 3 1/2 quarts of water. For best results, use warm water, but it is not neccessary. Do not use hot water. If the water is too hot, it may weaken or kill the URICIDE® bacteria.

Applying the Mixture

4. Apply the URICIDE® mixture liberally to any soiled areas. Apply a heavier dose to any areas where your dog goes more frequently, as those areas will be more saturated. If there are any other areas where your dog may have gone, such as a mulch bed, gravel driveway, bottom of a fence etc., treat those areas as well.

5. Wait 24 hours, then repeat the process, even if the odor is gone after the first treatment.

6. For very severe odors, apply the shock treatment a third time.

After applying the shock treatment and the odors are under control, you can resume treating your turf following the standard directions, using the hose end sprayer that was included with your purchase.

If Your Turf is one year old or older, we highly recommend getting your turf power-broomed. Please listen to the short audio here:

Power Brooming Your Turf Will Give it a Fresh Look and Help It Drain Better

by URICIDE Technician

Additional Tips for Best Results

Apply URICIDE® in the early morning or at dusk when the sun is not shining directly on the turf.

Try to rake excessive dog hair off the turf. Over time, the dog hair will get entangled or woven into the turf fibers, which can inhibit proper draining.

Avoid using disinfectants, insecticides or bleach along with the URICIDE®, as those types of chemicals will kill the good bacteria that is in the URICIDE. If you have to use disinfectant on occassion, use the disenfectant first, wait 36-48 hours, then apply the URICIDE®.

In addition, avoid using bleach, vinegar, peroxide or any of the other homemade remedies you read about online. If they do happen to work, they will only work for about one day and the odors will come right back. You will run the risk of bleaching the color out of the turf and weakening the turf blades and/or the infill. Also, some of these substances may not be safe around your pet.