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urine odors in yard
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Eliminate dog odors from artificial turf lawn
Uricide odor removal for lawns in bulk
best way to get rid of urine odors in yard
pet urine smells on artificial turf
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 Synlawn Artificial Turf


Synlawn has locations in California, Houston, Arizona, Nevada, Texas and

many other areas all across the country.

A Message from Synlawn, One Of the Most Renowned and Reputable Artificial Turf Companies In The US

Although SYNLawn might come across as nothing more than a synthetic turf manufacturing and installation company, the products we make do a lot more than simply look like natural grass. Our company introduces new lifestyles to customers.

Our faux green grass does not need to be watered, nor does it require maintenance. As such, you’ll save money while conserving water resources. Best of all, you will get to spend more time enjoying life rather than dealing with the frustrations that come with maintenance of a lush yard.

Our company specializes in installing and applying artificial landscapes in various settings, including common commercial areas and residential homes. SYNLawn is always improving our application processes and turf products because we want our goods to feel and look natural. We also want to make sure that our green turf has longevity. The expertise under our wing is unparalleled in this industry. In fact, SYNLawn has five decades’ worth of R&D invested in the synthetic grass products we produce.

We make the absolute best synthetic grass for various landscapes, including residential lawns. The artificial grass installed on playgrounds and play areas for children are developed with built-in safety precautions in mind. We also manufacture applications for SYNLawn artificial turf.

When it comes to insulation and application of artificial green grass, SYNLawn excels – even to accommodate pets! SYNLawn artificial turf is safe and hypoallergenic for both animals and children. We take grass to another level literally – we can install synthetic turf on patios, decks, rooftops, and other unorthodox spaces. SYNLawn can transform unused areas into beautiful and lush living spaces that are highly functional.

When it comes to professional and amateur golf, SYNLawn leads the way. We create high-quality synthetic surfaces for putting greens. They have the same fringe and roughness that actual golf grass has. Dave Pelz, a popular golf instructor, conducted extensive R&D and applied what he knew about physics to create some of our most widely-praised products. The result – a realistic synthetic golf grass, perhaps the best of its kind.

Our company is proud of the products we make and the installations we perform. We want to help you create a landscape that you have visualized, regardless of its size. Contact us today to find out how our artificial grass will transform your environment!

*Our limited warranty is applicable only to our products, and certain conditions are involved.

Synthetic grass is becoming very popular. Why?

Synthetic grass doesn’t come with a lot of maintenance needs. Also, it has durability, so your artificial grass will last longer than a natural lawn will. Since you won’t have to spend any time landscaping, you’ll end up saving money on your water bill. Synthetic turf is also much safer for pets and kids to be on. It is an environmentally-friendly product, quite ironically, as it bypasses any requirement for fertilizers and pesticides.

These aspects – in conjunction with all of the time that you’ll save every week from not maintaining your lawn – make synthetic grass the perfect solution for property managers and homeowners everywhere.

This is in your grandfather’s synthetic turf – once upon a time, there is nothing realistic about the texture or look of fake grass felt. Old-school synthetic grass had poor performance and aesthetics. A lot is changed over the years, though. The R&D that SYNLawn has invested in has resulted in cutting-edge products. We are now the company that makes the most gorgeous synthetic golf greens and backyard lawns out there.

Every project we work on is always interesting and fun for us. We can customize your design in order to make it more compatible with your current landscape.

SYNLawn’s products are durable, realistic, and versatile. Our products can be used as:

  • Commercial and residential applications.
  • Faux grass for rooftops, patios, and decks.
  • Agility and sports training turf.
  • Animal turf (less ticks and fleas, zero mud).
  • Playground grass (less maintenance and safer).
  • Golf chipping and putting practice surfaces.
  • Landscaping turf.