Uricide Pet Odor Eliminator


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I had tried many products but none removed the strong urine smell on our artificial grass area. I was skeptical but hopeful that Uricide would work as promised. After the first application the smell was completely gone. The Uricide got the job done, I highly recommend it. Colin L., Loomis, CA

Our dog Has urinated on a dirt spot by our front door her whole life, we were so embarrassed of the smell when people came over, we would hose it down with water. We use Uricide and couldn’t believe the smell went away. We used it again just to make sure, can’t believe it it doesn’t smell anymore it’s great stuff. Hawks View Ranch, CA

Uricide is amazing!! We had been using another green product for a while, but we were not happy with the results. It just covered up the smell, so you smelled perfume and dog urine. The Uricide product actually eliminates the urine odor! The Uricide has a perfume smell that is noticeable at the time of application, but the perfume smell disappears ALONG WITH THE URINE ODOR. This spray is amazing. We spray our small backyard every 2-6 days depending on the weather ( heat, humidity). It is well worth the additional cost compared to the other product. John D. Scottsdale, AZ.

The company stands by their product. Make sure to go to there website before using for recommendations on applying to your turf based on severity. If you still have questions on best way to apply, contact them before you use it. They are super helpful and go above and beyond. Product is applied differently based on how bad and how long your turf has gone untreated. Again read through their website. Might just need a treatment or it might need a “shock”. Either way the product is better than anything else I’ve tried on the market once i applied it the right way.  Shops A Lot, Amazon

Works better than anything we’ve tried thus far. We’ve spent hundreds of dollars just trying to find something will cure our artificial turf of all it’s smelliness. We have three dogs, two medium sized, and 1 smaller. During the summertime, the smell has become unbearable. All of the other things we’ve tried, have only been temporary “quick fixes” (i.e., only days or even hours!!!) – kinda like putting perfume on the grass. They only worked as long as they were still damp. With Uricide, we’re finding we can go a lot longer in between maintenance doses – sometimes almost two weeks. With summer here in Arizona already, we will probably be spraying once a week as a maintenance. Uricide is more expensive than the other brands, but in my opinion, you get what you pay for. We will probably stick with the Uricide until something comes along that will take the odor out completely and never return. Only four stars because, like I said, I’m looking for something a little more long-term, but it’s better than anything we’ve tried so far. Mark T. Las Vegas, NV.

We have four English Bulldogs and a fairly small lawn with artificial grass. While we were told ordinary rain would handle the urine smell, unfortunately that’s not the case. The Uricide has been great – wipes out the odor – and we even treated a carpet that was a house training casualty. William B.