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That home owners please take 3 minutes to read the info at the link below. This describes what you are dealing with when trying to eliminate urine odors. This is very important info if you have pets.

Important Info When Dealing With Urine Odors




Will URI-CIDE® solve the odor problem in my back yard? Does it really work? Yes! URI-CIDE® will completely eliminate any odors in your yard due to pet urine, pet stools, vomit or saliva.  Our proprietary formula uses a synergistic blend of living bacteria that is guaranteed to work.

How soon can my dogs be back on the turf after treating?
Since URI-CIDE is completely safe, your dogs can be back on the turf immediately after treating. However, some dogs like to roll around the turf which means they may get some URICIDE on their fur. If some of the product gets on their fur, it won’t be able to get to the base of the turf blades and do it’s job as effectively. If possible, we recommend waiting one hour before letting your dogs back out, simply for best results. If that is not an option, your dogs can be on the turf immediately after treatment.

How much URI-CIDE® do I need to treat my yard? For normal odor maintenance, 1 quart of Uricide will cover approx 1000 to 2,000 square feet and only a thin layer of product being sprayed on the surface is necessary. If you have 2 or more dogs and your dogs urinate evenly over the entire surface area of the turf, one quart will treat 1000 sq feet. If your pets only urinate in certain areas of the turf and the soiled areas are more contained, 1 quart will treat approx 2,000 sq feet.

Please Note: If your turf has never been treated and has very severe odor problems, an initial dose using a heavier concentration may be necessary.

What does a, “ 20:1 “  concentrate mean?
The hose end adapter that comes with your purchase of URICIDE is already configured to dilute the concentrate to a 20 to 1 ratio. This means that for every 1 part of formula that gets pulled out of the bottle, 20 parts of hose water are mixed with it.

  • If you purchase 1 gallon bottle of our formula, you get 20 gallons of usable product.
  • If you purchase a 1 quart bottle, you get 5 gallons of usable product.

Do you offer any kind of guarantee with your products? Absolutely!  The URI-CIDE® Declaration is Simple: If our product is not the best odor eliminator you have ever used, you can return your purchase for a full refund, no questions asked.

URI-CIDE® seems to be more expensive than other products, Why is that? URI-CIDE® is priced much lower! Remember it is a super concentrate so you get 20 times the amount of product. After mixing the product your final cost is only $1.45 per quart and $4.00 per gallon.

Do I need to buy any spray bottles or hose end adapters? No. Everything you need to apply the product is included. A spray bottle and garden hose adapter is included with each purchase. (Applies to retail customers only.  Dealers must purchase Hose sprayers separately)

When checking out, why does it ask if I require a hose end sprayer?

Most of our clients buy URICIDE from us on a regular basis. On an initial order, the hose end sprayer and empty bottle are necessary to apply the product. When our clients come back to re-order, they do not need another bottle and hose end sprayer, as they can use the ones that they received initially.

We try to be conscious of the environment and avoid unnecessary waste. We provide the hose end sprayer and spray bottle on the initial order, unless our clients request otherwise. If you do need the sprayer and empty bottle with each purchase, please just choose ” yes ” when ordering.

Is URI-CIDE® safe to use around my kids and pets? Yes, URI-CIDE® is 100% non-toxic, bio-degradable and safe to use around kids, pets and plants.

How does the hose end sprayer work if I buy a one gallon Bottle?

With a one gallon purchase, you get a smaller, one quart size spray bottle. You simply pour product into the one quart bottle from the gallon bottle, attach the hose end sprayer and start applying. It’s that simple!!

Can I use URI-CIDE® on other surfaces besides artificial turf? Yes, URI-CIDE® can  be used on all surfaces including carpet, wooden decks, real grass, gravel driveways, car interiors, furniture and more!

Does URI-CIDE® work on Skunk Odor? Yes. URI-CIDE® is formulated to work on any animal or human excretions. Our concentrate is designed to work on any protein base excretions, so if it comes from an animal or human,( vomit, saliva, feces, urine, skunk spray etc. ) it will consume and neutralize the odor.

What are microbes? Microbes are the actual microscopic living organisms that eat the proteins that are within the organic waste. Imagine billions of microscopic Pac Men, consuming and digesting the waste until the odor is completely gone.

Will URI-CIDE® work on removing stains? Yes. URI-CIDE® will clean and remove stains on surfaces such artificial turf, carpet, fabrics, bedding and furniture. Uri-Cide stain removal

How often do I have to use URI-CIDE®? Typically, one treatment should last 2-3 weeks. There are different conditions that may vary from situation to situation. If someone has three big dogs in a small yard as compared to one small dog in a big yard, naturally a little more product may be needed. Also, during the warmer months of June through September, the surface temperature of your yard’s surface may increase which may require more applications.

Why is bacteria better than an enzyme based product? microbial eliminator Enzymes cannot reproduce, and as a result, their protein digesting abilities end quickly. Also, since enzymes are proteins, they literally consume themselves, which will also shorten their odor eliminating capabilities. With bacteria, the microbes continue to digest, reproduce, and literally get stronger as long there are proteins to consume. In the case of Urine, the microbes feed off of the UREA and will multiply about every 20 minutes until their food source ( the smell) is gone.