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 URICIDE Customer Reviews and Testimonials


I have had artificial turf  installed for about 5 years, and the area smelled so bad from pet urine, we could not enjoy our yard. When the sun heated up the turf, it was even worse. I tried other products to no avail ,so I thought I would try this product, as my last hope before having to tear out the turf. I talked to Uricide’s specialist and was given lots of helpful info on  how to treat the soiled area – they where great! We can now sit outside and  even enjoy barbeque’s in our large enclosed area. So yes,  I would highly recommend Uricide!!”  Richard S, Arizona


” Used this product after 17 years of dogs in our dog run, and boy did it smell prior to use. Immediately noticed a neutralized smell. Product seemed to kill odor for about 3 weeks. We are just now starting to notice a slight smell and I have ordered a gallon size. Summer parties are coming and we can’t wait to enjoy our yard again! “ Don F, Houston


 After several years of trying everything to control odors in 150 sq ft of artificial turf, used as a toilet by our 2 small dogs, we tried Uricide. This product, when used as directed, works. After the initial extra strength applications, we are using the normal strength, once a week to maintain odors. Even in the several days of 100 + degree weather we are having, the area is void of odor. We just ordered a gallon of the product. “ Robert M, Flagstaff Arizona

“Best product ever. Best customer service from Uricide as well. I will be ordering again and again.” Sherbert M. Los Angeles, Ca.

Just wanted to drop a line to tell how much we love Uricide. We have artificial turf in our backyard and a beautiful Australian Cattle Dog. After the turf was installed for about 5 months, we started to notice that the yard began to smell. We tried using another ” Green ” product, but the odor would come back in just a couple days.  We did some research online and found Uricide. We tried it for the first time last weekend with fantastic results and the odor is completely gone. We loved the detailed instructions that came with the product, along with the amazing customer service that was received. We called Jeff, who walked us through the entire process step by step.  We really appreciate the above and beyond service, and would recommend Uricide to all our friends! “ Nicole H, Las Vegas

” This product works! We have approx 800 square feet of artificial turf; 1 lab and 1 bichon/terrier mix. 1qt. covers the area well and removes the odor, and lasts longer than anything else we have tried. It is important to follow the directions for water flow…You only have to turn your hose on about 1/4 of the way on…Turning your hose on full blast will use unnecessary product and it will be wasted….You only have to apply a thin film to remove the odors.” AJ, Santa Fe, New Mexico


My wife and I have spent years perfecting our backyard for our family.  Since we live in the Seattle area, we knew we’d need artificial turf instead of real grass for the dogs.  While we loved the look and low maintenance of the turf, we dreaded those warm days when the dog urine smell would run us out of our oasis.  We tried many products, (none that worked for the long term ), and finally discovered Uricide. Uricide just flat out works. My wife’s very sensitive nose can’t smell any urine odor after a good application. “ Max S. Seattle, WA

From URICIDE customer support: Thanks Max for the great feedback and beautiful photo of your yard. We’re glad the URICIDE is working for you!


A beautiful backyard that is kept bacteria and odor-free with regular use of URICIDE.Uricide customer reviews and testimonials

This product really does work! I had tried several other “perfume” type products to disguise and cover up or overwhelm the bad odor. All work to a certain degree but for a short time only and bad smell is still there, only now disguised. I bought this somewhat skeptical, but was at a point to replace the turf if this didn’t work, because it had gotten so bad.
The product came with a sprayer, and has a very mild and pleasant smell by itself. I spoke with a man who answered the phone number listed for questions. He recommended a “shock” treatment , similar to “shock” treatment for chlorine pools when needed. I followed his suggestions, and then also sprayed twice, at the “standard” spray, over the next 7 days. Now all of the bad smells are totally gone. It really was a major and almost miraculous difference. My wife was amazed even more than I.
As a physician I was concerned about the microbes being used to “eat ” the source of the odor, but the assurances on the website and a bit of prudence with not letting dogs or kids on it until dry made me comfortable.
I cannot recommend a product more wholeheartedly than I can this. You will be amazed, and it is worth every penny. It saved me from being forced to replace all of my artificial turf. “  Dr. Rick M, Las Vegas

Note from URICIDE Technician: Hi Dr. Rick..Thanks for the great feedback! Yes, on certain occasions, the homeowner may have to do an initial, heavier  treatment to get the bacteria under control. This may be due to an improper turf installation, where the turf is not draining properly, or the wrong infill ( sand)  was used, which causes ” caking ”  or ” clumping ” together. When this ” clumping ” occurs, stagnant water, urea and bacteria may get trapped causing excessive odors. In this particular situation, a heavier initial treatment may have to be applied. Once the bacteria is eliminated and under control, then normal applications can resume afterwards.


” I worked rescue for years. When we retired, we brought our “unadoptable “ dogs with us to Arizona. 6 LARGE dogs. For years we sprayed with well known deodorizers but they covered the smell for a day. We were almost ready to rip out the turf (several thousand dollars to install) when I discovered uricide. It sounded too good to be true, so I researched the product. Based on what I read, I took a chance and ordered the outside gallon.

One of the techs answered my questions, and I “shocked” my turf to start. I’ve had 6 Shepherd sized dogs using the same turf for three years, so I wasn’t expecting much.

It’s been over a week now and THE SMELL IS GONE!  I just ordered 4 more gallons so I always have it handy. Temperatures here reach 120 degrees in the summer, and it’s impossible to describe how bad the smell can be. I was deodorizing constantly.
Now, the smell is gone. I will reapply every couple of weeks and see if that handles the summer heat. But it’s presently in the upper 90’s lower 100’s and NO ODOR. Rest assured, I will be contacting ALL my rescue friends about this product.
Thank you! ”  Robert M., Lake Havasu, Arizona

Note from URICIDE Technician: Hi Robert, Thanks for sharing your experience with our community. With multiple dogs, the turf at times can be much more saturated with urine. In this situation, the intial shock treatment may be necessary. We’re glad the URICIDE was able to solve the odor problem!

” I cannot say enough positive things about URICIDE Pet Odor Eliminator. I have used endless products which claim to eliminate dog urine from outdoor surfaces and that is still SAFE around children, pets and plants. Unfortunately, the products only covered up the smell and once it dried the urine smell would return around my patio area. I gave URICIDE a try and BOY was I AMAZED!!! Not only did it eliminate the smell it also continued to work for days saving me $$$ in the long run. I used to have to go through other products on a daily basis, in which the expenses added up quickly. I highly recommend this product and have just ordered the indoor formula to try on my carpet.”  Terri S. , Akron, Ohio