Uricide Pet Odor Eliminator


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URI-FILL is the Most Advanced Turf Infill Available on the Market Today.

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Why does artificial turf drain better when using UriFill ? The acrylic coating that is used in URIFILL is non-porous and will not clump together as most other infill does.  Because URIFILL does not clump together, the water on the turf surface will drain much more effectively. Through this superior draining process, odor causing bacteria that comes from pet urine, feces, perspiration and saliva will not get trapped. This advanced draining process will help combat pet odors better than any other infill that is available on the market today.

What are the main benefits of UriFill over other infills?

When using UriFill as your turf infill, you will have superior odor control,
increased drainage, better turf blade stability and less dust upon installation.

Does UriFill produce less dust than other brands of volcanic ash?

Absolutely. When using UriFill’s proprietary formula, the amount of dust that scatters and blows all over the area of your yard, swimming pool, or lawn furniture will be significantly reduced. (Approximately 75% less than regular infill. )

Why is UriFill a better stabilizer than other brands of infill?

UriFill uses a blend of volcanic ash and green sand that has an acrylic coating. This acrylic coating is non-porous which ultimately stabilizes the turf blades better and holds them in an upright position. As a result, your artificial turf will maintain a new look for many years to come.

How Does UriFill keep the surface of artificial turf cooler than other infills like regular sand?

Zeolite ( Volcanic ash) has natural properties that retain some of the moisture that comes from morning dew, mist, rainwater and normal rinsing. Throughout the course of the day, this moisture slowly releases from the infill. The slow release of moisture will help keep the surface temperature cooler than if regular sand was used.


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