Uricide Pet Odor Eliminator


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Why is the URICIDE Bacteria Superior to Standard Enzyme Based Products?


Genetically Engineered Enzyme

The enzymes in most products are genetically engineered and because of this, they are not as durable as enzymes that are naturally produced from the bacteria itself. They are more susceptible to the elements and will deteriorate quickly from heat, humidity, water and surface conditions.
Once an enzyme is sprayed and its life cycle has started, depending on the conditions, it will only be productive for several minutes up to a few days. This is why with basic enzyme products, the odor comes back after only a day or two.



Bacteria are living cells that consume organic waste ( Urea) and they reproduce through fusion every 20 minutes.  Because bacteria is alive, it will continue to reproduce as long as it has a food source ,the food source being the Urea. As a result of this, when you apply URICIDE , you will need less product to neutralize the odors and the results will last much longer.

The Cycle


In simple terms, enzymes break down complex waste, but they cannot break down simple waste. After the enzymes break down the complex waste, the bacteria in URICIDE go to work consuming the simple waste. This is the reason why URICIDE is a superior product and you will have full removal of smell.

Simply put, no more Urea, no more smell.